Showing and Hauling Rates

Hauling Rates:
-$1.00/mile long distance for 1 to 2 horses; $0.75/mile 3-4 horses; $0.50 for 5 or more horses
- Local hauling
-$60 Flat Rate per Horse

-$75.00 Coosa Valley Equine, drop off or pick up
-$100.00 Coosa Valley Equine, includes hauling and staying during appointment.
-$60.00 Harrington Equine Hospital
-$85.00 Harrington Equine Hospital, includes hauling and staying during appointment.

Showing Rates:

- Coaching: $60 per day; this includes trainer being ringside during classes and show prep.

-Day Care at extended stay show: $15 per day, includes stall cleaning, feeding and watering.

-HHEC horse /pony rental fee: $50 per day of show.

-Set Up/Tear Down: $25 at extended stay shows where stalls and tack room have been set up, large amounts of equipment loaded and unloaded from trailer, drapes hung,buckets hung, stalls bedded ,ect

-Tack Up Fee: $10 if horse/pony has to be groomed, tacked and show ring ready by an HHEC staff member.

Show Prep: $25 if horse/pony has to be schooled,prepped or lunged by an HHEC staff member prior to rider arriving.

-Leg Wrapping: $10 per day, as needed and if done by a HHEC staff member.

-Bathing: $25 if an HHEC staff member bathes horse/pony

-Clipping Fee: $25 clipping of face ,ears, and legs as needed.

-Body Clipping: $150 pony, $175 horse. Bathing $25.  Meds: $25 half tube of dormosedan gel, $50 for whole tube of dormosedan gel

-Mane Pulled: $25 as needed.

-Unbraiding of mane and tail: $25 if an HHEC stall member unbraids horse/pony.

-Trainer Lodging: if hotel accommodations are necessary it will be split among the customers.

Show participation reservation is due to Angie 2 weeks prior to each show via email or text, this will enable us to make preparations for the horses/ponies that are showing as well as the horses/ponies that will be at the HHEC farm. A $100.00 deposit for extended stay shows and $50.00 deposit for local one day shows is due 1 week prior to the show date. All remaining fee’s will be billed (deposit will be deducted) and are due with-in 1 week after each show. 

Med Charges
-Bute $20 per dose
-Banamine $20 per dose
-Ace/Xylazine $20 per dose ( used for clipping, mane pulling, shoeing, ect. )
*****All other meds will be billed accordingly******